5. Super Size Me

This documentary highlights the dangers and health risks that can occur when you eat too much unhealthy food. Super Size Me is an important film to watch because it advises people of the dangers that occur when consuming fast food on a regular basis.


4. The Interrupters

This documentary talks about violence in Chicago and how people are trying to better their communities and their own personal lives in such a dangerous area. This documentary is important to watch because it shows how people are living roughly and it offers perspective to a life many has never experienced.


3. Undefeated

This documentary involves themes of selflessness and hardship. This documentary is a must watch as it’s a real life situation about people who have to overcome obstacles and put others before themselves in order to achieve.


2. Rich Hill

This documentary talks about three boys that show that although your family may be wealthy, it doesn’t mean that everything is fine in your life. This movie is highly recommended as it teaches important life lessons that involve growing up, and how your mentality effects your life.


1. Chasing Ice

This documentary talks about how gas emissions and the rising temperature is melting ice glaciers. I recommend this documentary since it talks about how our carbon footprint will cause global warming. This documentary is important to watch because what we are doing now will effect future generations.




  • Having an online presence is usually desired by employers so they can search you up
  • Having an online presence in general is desired by our society
  • Depending on the type of negative digital footprint you are linked to, it can help you in some regards


  • Employers won’t worry about what you post on the internet since you have no online presence
  • You wont get in trouble by posting inappropriate things
  • You wont put yourself in danger if you can’t post where you are
  • NSA and other surveillance agencies wont be able to get any information that you willingly put out into the internet.
  • Social media can help you in some ways, but it can also destroy your future; not having an online presence prevents this.
  • You wont get affected by cyber-bullying, because you aren’t experiencing it.
  • Companies wont be able to receive and sell the information that you provide them.

In general, not having a digital footprint and having a negative digital footprint are both undesired. Today’s society wants you to join social media and have connections with others through the internet. As stated above, there are some pros to having a negative digital footprint and not having any at all; however, out of the two, not having a digital footprint is more desired.

Health Article SASE Reflection

In this article, its main purpose is to inform us of several documentaries concerning vaccines that they consider are a ‘must see’. The article lists 22 vaccine related documentaries that they consider are very informative and important to see if you want to learn about vaccines and other various things concerning them. They add a summary for almost every documentary listed. They list these documentaries in no particular order, so they don’t give any importance or emphasis on comparing or contrasting these films with each other. I connect to this article because I have seen one of the movies on here: The Greater Good. This article’s intended audience is people who don’t know much about vaccines and want to learn more about them, so they compose a list featuring vaccine documentaries so they know what to movies to look for in their research. As I stated before, this article could impact people by giving them sources where they can learn more about vaccines and their dangers.

Current News Blog Post

Summary: In game 4 of the first round if the NBA playoffs, the Warriors and the Blazers go against each other once again, with the Blazers facing a series sweep. In this article, it makes an argument that the Warriors are finally looking and playing like a superteam. In the start of the season, there were some chemistry problems and the two-time MVP, Stephen Curry wasn’t looking like himself. His numbers were down and his overall performance did not seem the same as before. Towards the end of the season, when Kevin Durant got in injured, they lost a couple games, but then bounced back with a 14 game win streak. With KD gone, Stephen Curry took control of the team and the Golden State Warriors started to look like themselves again. In the previous playoff game, Kevin Durant was back from another recent injury, and he played pretty good, while Stephen Curry was also playing like his old self.

This article argues that with both superstars playing their best possible game, the Warriors would finally live up to the expectation of being a superteam. This article is biased towards the Warriors and its players. For example, in the article, it said that Steph Curry’s performance that night was one of the best playoff performances of all time, which is somewhat of a stretch. I thought that the articles overall analysis of game 4 was pretty accurate, however, it didn’t seem to include much detail about the Trail Blazers’ performance that game. I thought this focus was a little biased since they included details of how the Warriors played, but not the Trail Blazers.

Family Culture

My family is Hispanic and is from Mexico. My generation (my siblings and I, along with many of my cousins) was born in the U.S, while my parents, grandparents and my aunts and uncles were born in Mexico. Both sides of the family came from Mexico to Chicago, which is why there are many of my relatives in the area. We are Catholic and celebrate traditions and holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Good Friday etc. Often, on certain holidays, such as thanksgiving and Christmas, we make food. We make certain types of food that is common in Mexican culture, such as tamales and pozole. Almost everybody speaks Spanish fluently on both sides of the family, while not everybody can speak perfect English.

Image result for pozole Image result for tamales

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media

  • Never post your address
  • Don’t post inappropriate pictures
  • You shouldn’t post things that are extremely offensive to someone/a group of people
  • Don’t post your phone number
  • If you have a job, don’t say bad things about it, since you might get fired
  • Lie about something
  • Post things that include illegal activities
  • Don’t insult people
  • Don’t post your credit card info (common sense)
  • Try not to argue with people

Black History Month – Influential Person

Image result for rosa parks

Rosa Parks was famous for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. Rosa Parks later said that she had refused to give up her seat because she was tired of giving in, and not because she was tired or anything. In the above image, Rosa Parks’ mugshot is shown. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her seat up, which sparked a boycott of the buses. African American communities were asked to not ride the bus on the day of Rosa Parks’ trial, in an effort to boycott. A group called the MIA believed that Rosa Parks’ situation could be advantageous to their cause and could promote their campaign. The boycotts continued for several months, and were extremely successful – the buses were largely empty. There was a violent response to the boycotts, with Martin Luther King’s house being bombed, and several churches being burned down. In response to these violent events, legal action was pursued, however, Rosa Parks’ attorney filed a lawsuit saying that bus segregation is deemed unconstitutional. Rosa Parks ultimately became a symbol for the Civil Rights Movement

Super Bowl Commercials

The purpose of this commercial is to have people buy skittles. The intended audience for this commercial is the people that are watching the super bowl that are hungry and would like some snacks. The stance of this commercial is to be humorous, and to persuade people to get some skittles.

The purpose of this commercial is to make it seem like the new Buick’s don’t even look like Buick’s (which is a good thing, in this case). This commercial was intended to impress people and make them purchase a new Buick. The intended audience for this commercial is super bowl watchers, and football fans, in general. They showed Cam Newton, a NFL player, playing football, which is appealing to super bowl watchers. The stance of this commercial is to make people impressed by the new Buick’s, and make them want to to buy one.

The purpose of this commercial is to make people want to buy an Audi, however, this commercial was met with with a lot of backlash. In the video, the narrator said that he thinks that he’ll need to tell his daughter how women are oppressed and are not treated the same as men. As his daughter wins the race, he then reflects on how maybe he doesn’t need to tell her that, and that he could tell her something different. This was met with controversy since it is about a topic that many are sensitive about, and many think that gender equality isn’t a problem, which is why many don’t like this commercial. The intended audience are women. The stance of this commercial is to emphasize the gender equality, with the race and the car as the backdrop/background.

Mrs. Blake’s Speech Competition Rehearsal Reflection

In the humorous interpretation titled, “Who’s a Good Dog”, I liked her facial expressions and appreciate the indicators that signify the change of character.  I found her tone of voice engaging and helped make it overall interesting. In the radio speaking, while I understand the concept of the radio announcer being turned around, I personally found it a little disengaging. However, this does put an emphasis on the person’s speak. I felt that the subjects that she spoke about were diverse and interesting. Overall, the strong points that I felt were present in all 5 speech presentations was that they were engaging, and that they were successful in delivering the intended message that each presentation had.


 To begin with, something that I feel represents me as a person, and using play-doh, I made the initials ‘G’ and ‘R’ in Russian. The initials stand for Gosha Rubchinskiy, a Russian designer. I made this because I am into fashion, and Gosha is one of my favorite designers. This represents me because I like clothes and a lot of his designs are inspiring and have a nostalgic feel to them, which I also like a lot. Some of the other things that people made are, I think are cool. For example I saw someone make a person swimming, which could represent that they like swimming. I also saw someone make a bowling pin, which might mean that they like to bowl. I also saw someone bake a basketball and hoop, which also indicates that like basketball and feels that it represents a large part of their life. This activity relates to the writing process by having someone make something that they feel represents them. In other words, this activity makes it necessary to create a connection between what someone made, and their perspective on the object that they made. Knowing that others will see what I made, I made sure that the object I made (but unfortunately, only if they knew what it was), would help someone understand one of my bigger passions in life. In conclusion, I made these initials because they are something that represents something that I am into and something that I feel represents me